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Yossef Benharosh is an apt web developer and the author of the eBook The essentials of object oriented PHP.

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Yossef Benharosh : web developer resume

  • Freelance web developer since 2011 who works with the following technologies: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery,AngularJS, Drupal, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3.
  • Specializes in PHP development. Including: Object-Oriented Programming, mySQL, as a data base, and Laravel, as a framework.
  • Specializes in working with jQuery, using plugins and writing jQuery and java script based code.
  • Drupal developer, specializing in developing new modules and themes, and in taming existing modules.
  • Good working knowledge of organic SEO.

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Professional Experience

Drupal & PHP Developer, June 2011 – present

  • Mcity.co.il & Rishon.mcity.co.il - a news site serving tens of thousands of visitors that want to catch up on local news and current events.The site was written "from scratch" to fully mature and stable PHP-MVC system that can serve everything that is needed from a newspaper. Including articles, surveys, publications, newsletter, bulletin board, landing pages, multiple domains, etc.
  • Freefax.co.il - PHP site that provides fax services. I worked as a PHP and mySQL programmer, and also on the front end with jQuery, Ajax, html and CSS. I wrote the cart and invoice modules .
  • Puzzlemedia.co.il – Bilingual Drupal website for film producers.
  • Yaronlivne.co.il – Drupal based app that I wrote most of its’ modules and developed its’ theme.
  • RTLery.com - Drupal website for hardware engineering firm.
  • Tiktik.co.il/mobile – PHP based website which is a cellular version to an existing Drupal tickets site. I had to write an elaborate mySQL queries to pull the data from the database.
  • Dybbuk.co.il/mobile - PHP website that is a cellular version for a Drupal site for a designer firm.
  • wallanddeco.co.il/mobile - PHP website that is a cellular version for a Drupal site for a home decor shop.
  • PHPenthusiast.com – Tutorials website based devoted to Object Oriented PHP on PHP with a cellular version.
  • Reshetech.co.il – Tutorials website based on PHP with a cellular version.

Involved in the following projects

  • Sellphone.co.il – I wrote a Drupal module for the site that converts mySQL tables to Excel spreadsheets, and developed the news letter functionality in the site based on an existing modules.
  • ZeZebra – a startup that I themed its Drupal site, and also developed its PHP based mobile version.

Github projects

  • myAPI - I think it is the simplest way to provide API services for a small to medium businesses that want to provide data based services to their customers.
  • csvtax - Drupal 7 module that transforms a CSV file into an hierarchical taxonomy.
  • cornerSlider - a jQuery plugin that slides content in and out the page when the user scrolls down and up the page.



  • Hebrew University MSc of Science (93).


  • Back end programming languages: PHP, mySQL, Bash.
  • Front end programming languages: CSS/3, HTML/5, javascript.
  • Frameworks: Laravel, PHPUnit, jQuery, AngularJS.
  • Standards and protocols: AJAX, XML, JSON, SOAP.
  • APIs: OAUTH2, YouTube API, google maps API.
  • Content Management Systems: Drupal (6, 7), Wordpress.
  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux.
  • IDEs: Aptana, Eclipse, Notepad++.
  • Others: Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator, Git, Github.

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