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Yossef Benharosh is an apt web developer and the author of the eBook The essentials of object oriented PHP.

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The Dump - Code and Beyond

Code, tutorials, modules, plugins, cheat sheets, book reviews, and whatever makes a coder happy.

Book Review: The essentials of Object Oriented PHP

The eBook The Essentials of Object-Oriented PHP teaches web developers how to take their skills to the next level and becoming a web programmer. The eBook is written in the learn-then-practice approach that teaches you in the simplest way possible even the most advanced object oriented concepts.

The cornerSlider jQuery plugin

A page for a jQuery plugin that slides content in and out the page as the user scrolls down and up the page.

myAPI - PHP library that generates a simple API

A PHP library for you to generate a simple API as well as share it with your remote clients with curl PHP.

Using jQuery and AJAX to dynamically update a page

A tutorial about the use of AJAX with jQuey and PHP.

Book review : Laravel design patterns and best practices

Laravel PHP framework uses design pattern at its core, as you can learn from the the eBook I have reviewed.

The hideHeaderOnScroll jQuery plugin

A page for a jQuery plugin that hides the header when the user scrolls down the page, and reveals the header when the user scrolls up the page.

Csvtax drupal module

A page for a Drupal 7 module that converts a CSV file into an hierarchical taxonomy.

Linux terminal cheat sheet

Review Linux terminal commands with the dynamic cheat sheet.

Bash "find" command

The Bash "find" command can be extremely useful and time saving - the following tutorial explores some of the most useful operations that you can perform with the command.

Linux GREP tutorial

GREP is a powerful tool to search inside files with regular expressions. The following tutorial explores some of the most useful concepts that you need to understand to start using the tool.

The essentials of Vim

9 things that you absolutely need to know when you have no choice but to work with the Vim text editor.

AngularJS autocomplete form field

My way of autocompleting form fields when using AngularJS.

JavaScript datetime object helper functions

A collection of helper functions for using JavaScript datetime object.

Calling an API from inside a loop with JavaScript

A refresher on the subject of performing asynchronous tasks with JavaScript.

Download NASA's astronomy picture of the day and set as background on a Linux machine

Script to download NASA's astronomy picture of the day and set as background on a Linux machine.

Take screenshots with Python selenium

The following script gets a list of links from an api then uses headless chrome to crawl each link and take a screenshot of each webpage.

Python regex tutorial

Regular expressions, Regex, are used to find matches in a string and are an important part of Python. In this tutorial you will learn the basics of Regex that enables you to do a lot with a little code.

How to transform array into Laravel paginated list?

A step by step guide on how to transform PHP array into Laravel paginated list.


As far as I know, the scripts, tutorials, cheat sheets and other knowledge within the pages of reshetech.co.il are functional and harmless. However I make no guarantees. I also take no responsibility for any damage you may do when using the website (the chances of any problems occuring are slim but who knows). Please use all of the materials of this website responsibly and judgementally.