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Yossef Benharosh is an apt web developer and the author of the eBook The essentials of object oriented PHP.

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Web development tutorials and tools

Book Review: The essentials of Object Oriented PHP

The eBook The Essentials of Object-Oriented PHP teaches web developers how to take their skills to the next level and becoming a web programmer. The eBook is written in the learn-then-practice approach that teaches you in the simplest way possible even the most advanced object oriented concepts.

The cornerSlider jQuery plugin

A page for a jQuery plugin that slides content in and out the page as the user scrolls down and up the page.

myAPI - PHP library that generates a simple API

A PHP library for you to generate a simple API as well as share it with your remote clients with curl PHP.

Using jQuery and AJAX to dynamically update a page

A tutorial about the use of AJAX with jQuey and PHP.

Book review : Laravel design patterns and best practices

Laravel PHP framework uses design pattern at its core, as you can learn from the the eBook I have reviewed.

The hideHeaderOnScroll jQuery plugin

A page for a jQuery plugin that hides the header when the user scrolls down the page, and reveals the header when the user scrolls up the page.

Csvtax drupal module

A page for a Drupal 7 module that converts a CSV file into an hierarchical taxonomy.

Linux terminal cheat sheet

Review Linux terminal commands with the dynamic cheat sheet.